Shana Hiatt and Shirley Rosario: Poker Celebrities

Poker, like golf, once had the tag of a man's game. Now, along with the many other barriers that they have broken, women have entered the world of poker. They have entered it by storm and are now playing tough poker like anyone else and like nobody's business. Here are two examples of beautiful women who make the world of poker more appealing.

Shirley Rosario is the first of these names and one that you'll remember forever. California had the distinct pleasure of being her hometown, though she has since moved on to Downey. This poker celebrity began as a meager casino waitress. This was a position that would benefit Shirley Rosario in the long run as it is at this job where she would be able to meet an observe several legends of poker. This would eventually become the first burning cinders that would inflame her love for poker. Steve Badger would be one of the first people to give her a break. As a professional poker player, Steve Badger would be able to teach her as a mentor, giving her a head start. Unsurprisingly, soon afterwards Shirley Rosario's job would shift from waitress to poker player.

Her experiences as a person surrounded by poker gave her an advantage starting out. Online poker and casino poker was familiar to her. Shirley's next official job would be as a prop player, or a player that is placed by the casino to start off games or fix up ones that were floundering. This, coupled with her history around casinos, will allow her to growth and develop into a skilled player. Her skills combined with her stunning looks would make sure that she'd be remembered throughout the community.

Shana Hiatt is another woman who broke through the barriers, though not the way that Shirley did. Her skills at the table did not account for her poker celebrity status. Rather, she was one of the hosts that drew people to the game. Looks, intellect, personality and charm were her weapons. Before that, Shana was a model who found success in the job, even winning a few pageants on her free time. Even Maxim magazine had to pay attention to her beauty, noting her as one of the most beautiful women of 2005.

Despite her relative inexperience at the game, Shana Hiatt would still create a place for herself at the tour. Eventually, she would develop and grow some skills of her own, though never at the professional level.