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Rules for the Texas Holdem Poker Game

Texas Holdem is one kind of poker game. The rules for playing this game are quite different from the other poker games that we know of. The Texas Holdem game rules start by allowing poker players to have two down cards each after they have placed required antes or blinds. These down cards must be kept during the entire game and must only be revealed during the occurrence of the final showdown of hands. One round of betting transpires right after the first couple of cards are dealt. The next step that forms part of the Texas Holdem game rules is called the flop, wherein there is a turning over of triple community cards all at the same time. After this step occurs, betting transpires once again. And then, there is an exposure of the turn card, which is actually the fourth community card, which is again followed by another round of betting. The river card is dealt afterwards and of course, the last betting round transpires as well. The river card is actually the fifth community card.

The Texas Holdem game rules also include the showdown which occurs right after all the betting rounds have been completed. The skills of players are tested as they use the five-card combination that they believe is the best or that they believe will defeat their opponents. The five-card combination will come from the two personal cards that they possess as well as from the community cards dealt. The Texas Holdem game rules allow poker players to have the option to use the community cards only or a combination of community cards and personal cards.

The Texas Holdem game rules allow each poker player to have the opportunity to be in the position of the dealer because there is a dealer button that actually rotates around the poker table. In general, there are only two blinds being used. However, the Texas Holdem game rules also allow other structures to be used.

It is included in the Texas Holdem game rules for the player to show both of his cards in order to win a pot. Otherwise, it will result to the loss of the poker player. Poker players must also remember that prior to their decision to discard their hole cards they must first inform their desire of playing all five of the community cards. Otherwise, they will not have the chance to win the pot.