The Playing Style of Poker Pro Amir Vahedi

Some professional poker players are idolized by the poker public because of the effectiveness of their playing styles no matter how offensive these professional poker players can get. However, although they are idolized, it does not mean that they are loved because they sometimes offend their opponents, creating a negative reputation. This is not the case with professional poker player Amir Vahedi. Although he loves to play aggressively, he still maintains a charming personality. He cracks jokes at the poker table but he makes sure that he displays a good sense of humor. With such attitude at the poker table, this professional poker player wins the respect not only of male professional poker players but also of female professional poker players. In other words, Amir Vahedi is a professional poker player who is loved by the entire poker public.

Amir Vahedi admits that he is not the best professional poker player in the world. But he also admits that the poker industry needs someone who behaves the way he does during a game. He admits the fact that he sometimes loses a large amount of money, but then, he makes sure that he gets back his money by winning poker games once again.

Having Amir Vahedi as an opponent is something that several professional poker players look forward to. This is not because he can be defeated easily, but it is because of the fact that they find losses easier to accept when the person who defeated them is Amir Vahedi. His ability to make his opponents laugh while playing is very effective in eliminating stress that they don't mind losing at all. Female professional poker player Shirley Rosario explains that she does not mind losing to Amir Vahedi because she always ends up happy every time she plays against him.

Amir Vahedi was born in Tehran, Iran but he now lives in Sherman Oaks, California. He won a World Series of Poker bracelet on May 6, 2003 after winning first prize in a No Limit Hold'em event that earned him US$270,000. This victory allowed him to qualify for the championship game of No Limit Hold'em. He became the 6th placer, winning US$250,000.

In 2001, this professional poker player was recognized by the poker industry as the Texas Hold'em Player of the Year. He was also famous for being one of the Players of the Year of "Card Player Magazine" in 2003. Moreover, this professional poker player is also known as the former tutor of Hollywood actor Ben Affleck in poker.

The accomplishments of Amir Vahedi also include being a champion in the third season of the Ultimate Poker Challenge.

With such feats, it is not surprising that this professional poker player is loved by many. However, there is one thing that his fellow poker professionals don't like about him, and that is his habit of smoking even in non-smoking cardrooms.