Playing Aces and Kings in No Limit

There is no question that Aces and Kings are the most powerful hands in No Limit. However, it is important, especially for a new player, to realize exactly what he can do with these powerful hands, so as to get the most out them.

When holding an AA, AK or KK, do not, as beginners often do, slow play them. They think that because it is the most powerful hand it is unbeatable and can hold its own all the way to the river, where they will go all in. That is a poor No Limit strategy.

What should be done with these hands is to use them immediately. Raise and re raise, and get as many on the Poker table to fold. True, it is possible that other players might be holding the AA or AK, but the chances of two players having the same high hands at the same time is remote, so feel confident about raising.

Your position, early middle or late, is irrelevant because as of this time, you have the best hand.

If the No Limit table is tight, they will certainly fold and you will take the pot uncontested. If it is loose and they call, that is all right too; your hand is still strong, and the pot is bigger. However, depending on the flop, you should immediately raise, to try and get the players out again.

Here, your No Limit strategy would be to strike a balance with your raise, enough to make it very expensive to draw a hand that can beat your high hand, but no so high that you will have to commit to the pot. Here the importance of table positioning is much more conspicuous.

If you are acting late, you will be able to make the right kind of raise, because judging from the way the players called and raised, your No Limit strategy will be able to determine if they have your high hand beat. If you are the first to act, then check the flop; if it does not boost your hand, be wary of making a big raise.

If you do raise, and another one re raises, your No Limit strategy should focus on player reading. If he is tight, then you can be certain he has a good hand. If you are holding an AA, and he raises, that means he has a set. Why? Because tight players do not play garbage hands.

The fact that he did not raise pre flop means he did not have the No Limit hand before, and it was the flop that completed the set. So in all likelihood he has KKK. At this point, your strategy can be either fold, or pay to see the turn.

Aces and Kings in No Limit Holdem hold countless possibilities, and knowing the ways and means is critical if you want to have any success in the game. Knowing when to push it with these hands, as well as biding your time until the proper time to hit, is a key to success.