John Derick Barch: A Businessman & Poker Pro

Poker addicts have probably seen John Derick Barch a long time ago because he has been playing professional poker for approximately fifteen years now. He has not yet achieved any major feats such as a World Poker Tour title but even without such achievements, poker has already made him a millionaire.

John Derick Barch's most notable feat was when he won third place in a No Limit Hold'em Championship organized by the World Series of Poker on July 15, 2005. Just being included in the final table was already a major achievement in itself because it meant that he was able to outplay more than five thousand professional poker players who came from different parts of the world. It was also considered a major achievement because of the fact that he had the chance to compete against several poker giants such as Johnny Chan, Chris Ferguson, Doyle Brunson, and Greg Raymer. But more than anything else, placing third was like winning the grand prize too because John Derick Barch was able to take home the sum of US$2,500,000. The poker professional who won first prize was Joe Hachem, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, and the runner up was Steve Dannenmann, a resident of Severn, Maryland.

Between 2000 and 2007, John Derick Barch has already had a number of money finishes. He has been participating in various poker events including the Jack Binion World Poker Open, the Festa al Lago tournament, the Borgata Poker Open, and the Five Star World Poker Classic. The winnings of John Derick Barch from live poker tournaments alone are more than US$2,600,000 as of 2007.

There is no doubt that John Derick Barch is one of the world's best poker professionals. However, he is not just a poker player. Behind his success in the poker industry is also his success as a businessman and family man. He was born in Richardson, Texas and earned his bachelor's degree in business at the University of Montana. He is married with two children and they reside in McKinney, Texas.

In North Dallas, Texas, John Derick Barch owns a business establishment known as the Big Johnson's Beer Garden and Bar. This bar serves a total of twenty two different kinds of beer. Its menu offers delicious foods and it holds different kinds of activities on a regular basis. For instance, the Big Johnson's Beer Garden and Bar conducts a poker event every Monday, a dart contest every Tuesday, a karaoke contest every Wednesday, and live music every Friday.

Despite the success of his bar, John Derick Barch has no intention of leaving his poker career in order to manage his bar full-time. And despite his success in poker, he also has no intention of abandoning his successful business. And it does not seem he has to choose between poker and business because as long as he continues to be successful in both areas, there is definitely no reason for him to stop anything that he has been doing.